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We raised the money!

Our aim was to tour the Liverpool City Region, performing in school halls and playgrounds, keeping a Christmas tradition alive during the pandemic- safely- for ALL our primary school children!

Over three months during lockdown, we raised £20,000 from a variety of sources. From members of the public who have seen and supported our work to date, from the Liverpool Mayoral Inclusive Fund, to Hollywood actors, theatre and movie producers, and stage writers and performers.

Due to the limitations of lockdown, though, our Christmas tour was postponed, and will now go ahead in June 2021 with a group of two teams touring a brand-new version of Cinderella across the region's primary schools.

Our production brought joy, creativity & laughter into our communities following a year of challenges for so many of us- especially our children- and introduced live performance and entertainment to many of them for the first time.

Our production of Cinderella was seen by over 2,500 children in over 40 schools in 2 weeks. 

Thank you to everyone who has made this project possible. Here's to more in the future!

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