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MAM! I'M 'ERE! 2012, Central Hall, Renshaw Street, Liverpool

Our original production was staged at The Dome, Central Hall, Renshaw Street, Liverpool at Christmas 2012. Life in Theatre created a theatre inside an old methodist hall- from scratch. It was a real challenge but we employed over 30 people over a competetive festive period, breathed new life into a derelict building, and entertained 11,000 people in 5 weeks.


Sally (Rachel Rae) was abandoned as a tiny baby. Her Dad (Andrew Schofield) found her on his doorstep one cold and windy night in Liverpool.

Years on, she is getting married to her childhood sweetheart (Stephen Fletcher) on her Dad’s failing Holiday campsite in Wales, and longs to have her Mum alongside her for her special day.

After teasing out stories from Dave’s best mates (Alan Stocks and Paul Duckworth), she has narrowed her search down to three very different women from his past (Eithne Browne, Helen Carter and Keddy Sutton).

Believing they’ve won a mystery, all-expenses paid, glamorous mini-break away, the three ‘Mums’ find themselves walking onto a creaky campsite, greeted by an old flame some of them would rather forget, and right into Sally’s trap.

Starring some of Liverpool’s favourite theatre faces from the last few Christmases, Life In Theatre Productions invites you to Get Down Tonight and Celebrate Good Times in this Christmas Disco Boogie Wonderland! 

PS- Not an ABBA song in sight. 


★★★★ " a sure fire hit" Whatsonstage

★★★★★ "a must see!" Liverpool Sound and Vision

"homegrown fun" The Liverpool Echo

"slick, stylish and eminently fun.." The Stage

"irrepressibly feel-good"" MADE UP blog


LIVE ON MERSEYSIDE WITH Andrew Schofield, Stephen Fletcher & Helen Carter- LISTEN 


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